Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
• How do I request samples of your products?
Complete the contact form and let us know which products you are interested in. Our sales staff will contact you promptly and arrange to send samples for your testing and review.
• Do you have an investor relations contact?
Yes. Please email us at
40mm & 49mm Dispensers
• What product can be used in the pump?
The dual chamber pumps can dispenser a wide range of liquids, lotions and gels, in a variety of viscosities, though suspensions, or bulks containing certain particulates may not be compatible. We recommend thorough testing to determine whether your application is suited for the dispenser.
• How many mixing positions are possible?
The dispenser has a maximium of 10 mixing positions, plus a lock position, which change the ratio between the two sides in 10% increments. The pump can also be modified to have less than 10 positions. Further, the pump can be set in a fixed ratio position (i.e. 50/50, 70/30, etc.).
• What custom options are available?
In addition to limiting the user-adjustable mixing ratios, there are a wide range of custom options available for the 40mm and 49mm dispensers. The cap, head, disk, and base can all be manufactured in color, either one uniform color, or an assortment. Both single and dual nozzle versions are available as well.
•Can you recommend any companies that can fill the product?
Most fillers can work with the Versadial dispenser, however we will be happy to recommend several fillers with extensive experience with our product.
• Where can I purchase bottles that are compatible with the dispenser head?
Versadial has worked with several bottle manufacturers who have built molds in several stock sizes. In addition, customers are free to select any manufacturer and develop customized molds to suit their specific design aesthetics or application. We can provide drawings for the neck finish to insure proper fit with the system.
20mm MiniMix™
• Can the MiniMix dispenser be used for product other than lip color?
Of course! The 20mm MiniMixpackage is suitable for a wide range of applications where a smaller dosage and form factor are needed.