What Airless Systems can Versadial Deliver?

20mm airless dual chamber dispenserVersadial has several airless solutions that also utilize our patented dual pump blending dispenser head. The first of these involves using a bag on connector (BOC) which is essentially a flexible pouch with an internal dip tube that is inserted into a rigid outer bottle shell. As the pumps dispenser product from the pouch or pouches, air is vented back into the bottle (but not into the pouch), to equalize the pressure around the bag as the bag is evacuated. The dual pump works well in an airless dispensing system because it primes easily, and dispenses completely.

Pouches can be made from a variety of materials including various plastics and metallic foils to provide light barriers and other physical properties, all of which offer an airless dispensing solution, as well as provide other benefits to the package. The dual dispenser requires no modifications to work in an airless delivery system. All that’s required is that the pump head be attached to the bottle, or outer housing containing the airless delivery package using a standardized fitting.

The second airless dispensing system alternative uses a pair of cartridge/pistons that are housed in a rigid outer shell. As product is evacuated by the dispenser, the floating pistons inside the cartridges are drawn up from the bottom by the vacuum produced by the pumps. Thus no air is introduced into the cartridge where the product is stored.This system also ensure virtually 100% product usage and no waste. As in the conventional non-airless system, the dual dispenser pumps draw product from each side of the bottle, or in this case, from each cartridge in the custom blended ratio selected by the consumer.

The Versadial airless system is useful in formulations that are sensitive to exposure to oxygen as well as more viscous products that may be more difficult to prime through a longer diptube.

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