About the Company

VERSADIAL™ is a company specializing in innovative consumer technologies. VERSADIAL™ is headquartered in New York City, with manufacturing alliances worldwide and R&D based in Marktoberdorf, Germany.

Committed to strategic alliances, VERSADIAL™ partners with major suppliers and consumer goods companies worldwide to help satisfy the ever-increasing demand for greater product performance, personalization, and choice through innovative packaging.

Versadial holds US patent number 6464107 and other patents pending. Our dual dispensers can be used in variable or fixed ratio configurations, single or dual nozzle styles, with or without static mixers in the nozzle and in custom colors. Cosmetics, adhesives, food, hair care, personal care, skin care, lotions, gels, liquids and more.The dual dispenser will custom blend formulas using two pumps or two dispensers and blend formulas in variable ratios. Our dual pump is compatible across a range of rheology and viscosity cases. Dual chamber bottles work together with twin pumps in the dual dispenser head to custom mix and custom blend formulas as desired.