Dual Bottle Dispensers Create New Packaging Options for Manufacturers

40mm dual chamber variable ratio pump dispenserThe Versadial dual dispenser technology uses two bottles each filled with a different formulation. They may contain products with different pigments, special formulations that can work together when combined in different ratios, or even food products like oil and vinegar. Versadial has strategic relationships with several bottle manufacturers or customers may develop their own bottles with any bottle manufacturer they choose. Dual bottles may be separate halves that interlock to form a single form, or be a single bottle with a dividing wall or septum.

The main requirement for bottles is that they be manufactured with the standard neck finish required for compatibility with the Versadial Dual Chamber Variable Ratio Dispensers. Bottles may be made from a variety of resins including HDPE, PET, PETG, etc. Dual Bottles may also be filled together or separately as desired. Bottle sizes range from 25ml to 150ml and shape, color and design are flexible to meet the needs of the customer.

There are many benefits from variable ratio blending dispensers ranging from customizing the mix of products dispensed dynamically during use. The Versadial dual package is also available with a single nozzle, or dual nozzle. The single nozzle version can optionally include a static mixer to further blend products during dispensing.

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Our consumer package dispensers can mix two products and blend them during evacuation of the product. Our dual pump dispensers utilize a pair of volumetric pumps in a rotating custom blending dispenser closure.The airless systems are more flexibile in terms of viscosity, but more commonly used is the non-airless systems and handle liquids, gels, lotions provided that here are not floating particulates that could clog the valve mechanism of the pump. Our variable ratio pump is different in that a dial on the head can be rotated to adjust the blend of the two formulas Customers that use the dispensers Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, J&J, Avon, Playtex, Energizer, Banana Boat, Sephora, sunless tanners for sunless tanning, Aveeno, Hawaiian Tropic and more.