Sustainable Packaging / Refill System

The patented Versadial Dual Dispensing System provides a variable mixing ratio. This allows the user to selected the desired blend of two formulas. Frequently customers ask about uneven use up rate, refills, and the system contributes to increasing demand for sustainable packaging.

The answer starts with the modular design of the dual dispenser, which consists of a dispenser head (pump), and the container which can be either two non-airless interconnected bottles with dipubes/connectors that attached the bottles to the pump; or an airless cartridge-piston system in which two cartridges are housed in a single outer shell.
Cartridge & Piston system
Airless System
Each part of the system enhances sustainability in different ways. Rather than throwing away the entire package after it completely used, the dispenser head can continue to be used with refilled bottles or cartridges.

here for more information about our airless and non-airlesss containers.