New Hair Products Innovate with Dual Dispenser Technology

49mm dual chamber variable ratio pump dispenserThe Versadial dual dispenser technology is perfectly suited for a variety of applications in the hair care category. Dual Dispensing allows the customer to select a ratio of two products for simultaneous dispensing and blending at time of use. This means that with the turn of a dial, the consumer may custom blend two formulas and dispense in precise ratios and specific dosage per stroke.

For the hair care industry, the custom blending dual chamber dispensing pump presents new and exciting product possibilities never before possible to the consumer. For example, since the Versadial dual dispenser can dispense a variety of liquids, gels and lotions, a product consisting of two types of styling liquids or gels can be blended to create a customized hold. One bottle might contain a firmer holding gel, while the other bottle contains a “wet look” or more gentle styling liquid. When the consumer sets the dial on the dual pump to a specific ratio, the blended product can be adjusted for a custom hold.

In hair color category, tints or colors can be adjusted via the dual chamber, dual dispenser head closure to dispense a custom color. Where ingredients must be segregated and kept separated until use, the dual pump is the perfect solution with minimal waste and convenience of use. Customers like Nick Chavez, one of top hair brands on QVC have found the advantage of using the Versadial Dual Mixing Dispenser Package, giving total control and flexibility to the consumer with his innovative package.

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Our consumer package dispensers can mix two products and blend them during evacuation of the product. Our dual pump dispensers utilize a pair of volumetric pumps in a rotating custom blending dispenser closure.The airless systems are more flexibile in terms of viscosity, but more commonly used is the non-airless systems and handle liquids, gels, lotions provided that here are not floating particulates that could clog the valve mechanism of the pump. Our variable ratio pump is different in that a dial on the head can be rotated to adjust the blend of the two formulas Customers that use the dispensers Revlon, Johnson & Johnson, J&J, Avon, Playtex, Energizer, Banana Boat, Sephora, sunless tanners for sunless tanning, Aveeno, Hawaiian Tropic and more.