What is Dual Dispensing?

Dual Dispenser Dual dispensing allows two products or formulas to be dynamically blended upon use. The user rotates the dial or head of the pump to select a specific mixing ratio which will combine in each pump stroke, the desired blend of two products in the dispensing stroke. A dual dispenser contains two volumetric pumps, each of which draws product from one of two bottles or chambers. The dual dispenser can be set at a fixed 50/50 mixing ratio, meaning each pump draws and equal amount of product and combines them upon dispensing. Alternatively, by turning the dial, the amount of product dispensed from each side of the dual chamber bottle is increased or reduced as desired. The combined volume or dosage never changes, only the ratio of the two products dispense is varied. For example, the dial may be turned so that one of the bottles (the ‘A’ side) is representing 70% of the combined mixed output per stroke. In this case, of course, the other product on the ‘B’ side will comprise 30% of the mix.

The package serves many purposes, from providing the customer the ability to custom mix and blend two formulas to a desired color shade, flavor or scent or many other attributes to which a custom blend is desired. Additionally, certain customer formulations require that ingredients can be kept separated until time of use. This can be very important for active ingredients the can degrade or lose their efficacy upon contact or exposure to air, light, or other formulas. For example, Vitamin A (commonly used in it’s Retinol form) is known to degrade quickly, but if dispensed using the Versadial Dual Chamber package (the Versadial Dual Dispenser), the Vitamin A formula can be kept isolated from the complimentary agent until the product is used. This can improve the potency, effectiveness and ultimately provide better results than with conventional packaging.

The dual dispenser also is very precise both in the dosage per stroke as well as in the ratio of the two products it dispenses. Unlike other dual dispensers (none of which offer the ability to control the mixing ratio beyond a fixed 50/50 blend), the Versadial Dual Dispensers are designed to regulate the blend or mixing ratio of the two products very precisely.

The applications for the package are tremendous and limited only by the creativity of the customer. Many customers such as Revlon and Avon are utilizing the custom blending dispensers to allow consumers to adjust color shade of their cosmetics. Never before has the customer had the ability to adjust the color, tint, or visual effect of a cosmetic, until the Versadial Dual dispenser. Revlon has introduced the package in their new Revlon Custom Creations package, which features an adjustable shade foundation makeup. Revlon chose to configure the dual dispenser with 5 selectable mixing ratios, or five color settings to allow the consumer to custom blend her perfect foundation tone.

The Versadial package is also environmentally friendly in that it can be used in a refill situation as well. The bottle is actually comprised of two interlocking, but separate chambers that are modular in the system, making it easy for the user or consumer to remove and replace an empty bottle and re-use the dispenser pump head, while virtually eliminated any residual waste product. In addition, in many situations, by offering a line of custom blended products using the Versadial Dual Dispenser, the total number of SKUs needed to cover a range of color shades can be dramatically reduced. For example, in the case of Revlon Custom Creations Foundation Makeup, each SKU using the custom blending dual dispenser can cover what would normally require 5 SKUs of single, distinct color shades. This reduces the amount of shelf space needed at the retail POS, saves on shipping and energy costs, and increases efficiency in stock management. Further, customers are less likely to find their shade out of stock.

The Dual Dispenser package is a win all around because it’s Innovative and attractive to the consumer, environmentally friendly, and improves efficiency in the supply chain.

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dual dispensers use two pumps in a rotating custom blending head dispenser. They can be airless systems or non-airless systems and handle a variety of gels, lotions, liquids of varying viscosity. Customers using the variable ratio pump with the dial to adjust the blend of the two formulas include Revlon, Avon, Playtex, Johnson & Johnson, J&J, Energizer, Banana Boat, Aveeno, Hawaiian Tropic Sephora, sunless tanners for sunless tanning, foundation makeup, lipstick and lipsticks. Green and sustainable packaging that can be recycled and is environmentally friendly and uses PCR Post consumer Resins. Versadial dual pump blending dispensers can mix two formulas and blend them upon evacuation of the product.